💪 1. Go smoothly

It is very easy to hurt yourself or run out if you go too fast and too hard during your first workouts. If you are not used to running, start with a short run or even a brisk walk, 2-3 times a week. You can even combine your workout: a 15-minute running, followed by a 15-minute brisk walk. Many experts explain that combining cardio exercise with lighter exercise can allow you to burn more fat! The most important thing is to stay consistent. If you are consistent, you are winning!

💪 2. Do not forget the stretching

Before any physical exercise,  it is important to stretch! But stretching the muscles cold can give a feeling of pain and stiffness more pronounced … So, start with 5 to 10 minutes of cardio. Once your muscles have warmed up slightly, you can do more dynamic stretching (eg, throw your arms and legs forward and back).

Always finish your running with some static stretching to relax your muscles and restore their length!

start the running

💪 3. Monitor your progress

There are many tools and applications to monitor your progress! During each training, note the distance traveled and the duration of the race. For this, help yourself with a pedometer and a stopwatch. Having a heart rate monitor is also a good way to monitor your level of effort. Hundreds of apps are now available for your mobile, so no more excuses!

💪 4. Everything is in the outfit

Before running, it is essential to invest in a good pair of sneakers! To find the right shoe, start by determining the surface you will be running on (a road, a forest path, etc.). You must also feel comfortable, that is, have enough space in your shoe to move your toes. Here’s a tip: Try your sneakers with running socks. This will give you a better idea of ​​how you will feel with😉

Whether you choose leggings, sweatpants or shorts, you must choose a stocking to move and control moisture. Anti-friction and moisture, our best selling Salar leggings is the perfect example!

Remember to choose a top designed in a high performance material, like our Delta tank top , antiperspirant, elastic and trendy! Remember to invest in a quality sports bra, for maximum support! Our Rae bra is ideal; she keeps you going during your workouts and is also feminine.

💪 5. Relax

The key to making running effective is in the posture of the head (yes!). Keep your eyes fixed on the horizon and do not raise your shoulders. The position of your head and shoulders will determine the posture of your torso; the latter must be right. And do not forget your arms! Keep your elbows 90 degrees and loosen your fists. Relax!

💪 6. Breathe, everything will be fine 

Breathing effectively is essential for good running! The key is to find the model that works for you and count the breaths in your head (for example, inhale two strokes and exhale two strokes). Just remember to always inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Keep the pace! The best way to avoid cramps is to give enough oxygen to your body, so breathe!

💪 7. Stay motivated

Running gives you the opportunity to escape and concentrate on yourself. That said, it is sometimes difficult to get motivated to go out to run. So, what is the best solution? Create a playlist with your favorite songs to give you an effective boost or find a partner. When you run in a group, you motivate each other and more effectively. See also the tips of Mo Seetubtim , founder of  The Happiness Planner  to stay motivated It’s worth a try, right?

💪 8. Eat healthy

You burn a lot of calories when you run. Be careful, this is not an excuse to stuff you with sweets! Instead of eating a packet of chips, adopt a runner diet: rich in protein and vitamins. Just make a few simple changes, such as choosing whole grain products or salmon and chicken instead of red meats. Do you need a snack before your jog ? Prefer a handful of almonds, rich in vitamin E, or a square of dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants. Above all, do not forget to stay hydrated!

Your legs will feel particularly tired and tense after your first running sessions. Do not worry, it just means that your workout 🎉 It’s also important to reward yourself for all your efforts … If you have really worked well, give your muscles a massage with natural flavors or a few minutes of sauna. Balance is essential to a healthy and happy life!

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