Been together long and sex is boring? Read on…

easy tip for sex

Sex can become monotonous after you’ve been together for a while. We present tips on adding a much-needed spark into your sex life.

You used to love it, but now it makes no difference if you have it once a week or once a month. You and your partner have regular sex, but there is no joy in it anymore. Monotony can wreak havoc on your sex life, and soon there may come a time when you stop having it altogether.

A little tweak here, some change there…your sex life needs an update, and it’s not that difficult to do. Try these tips for sex –

* Change positions. Here’s an easy tip for sex that you wish you’ve thought of it before. If you’ve been having sex in the same position for months and years now, it’s time to mix things up. Try a different position, or bust a new move in bed. It’s all about adding novelty to what has now become humdrum. Research different sex positions together and try them out one by one.

* Make time for it. If you’ve been together for a while, chances are that the sex is perfunctory and over in just a few minutes. After it’s over, you both roll over and fall asleep. Sex has become part of a set routine for you, and that’s why it’s so boring. Here’s a tip for a sex life that is far from boring: make time for a ‘sex date’ with your partner, and have fun with it. Set a few hours aside on a certain day, and make sure that the two of you are alone. Have some roleplay, sip some wine, eat an exotic chocolate in bed, buy expensive lingerie, and try out positions and dirty talk if you’ve never done it before.

* Try different condoms and lubes. Do you just slip on your usual condom, do the deed, throw away the condom and fall asleep? Here’s a good tip for sex: experiment with different types of condoms and lubes. Leading brands have condoms that can delay climax, or feel just like skin, or even increase stimulation for your partner. Meanwhile, there are certain lubes that cause a warming sensation, while others tingle upon use for exciting sensations. Maybe extra stimulation is all you need for greater fireworks in the bedroom!

* Do it in a different room. You lie down on her and study the design on the pillowcase during sex, and she stares at the ceiling and fantasises about her favourite actor. You’ve always done it on the bed, in the same position, for months and years now. Have you tried doing it elsewhere? Say, in the bathroom, standing up? Or a quickie on the dining table? Or giving each other a sensual massage on the floor? A change of location makes you rethink your sexual habits, and you can learn a few new things too.

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