Danger of electronic cigarettes on health

Danger of electronic cigarettes on health

The dangers that e-cigarettes can bring to health 

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular with consumers. Yet a recent study has revealed the harmful effects of the e-cigarette on health. It is better to know all the consequences of passive vaping even if it has been shown to be less harmful than tobacco.

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Electronic cigarettes are always fashionable:

Presented by the manufacturers as being without gravity, the use of the e-cigarette was a real success. More and more French are followers of this new invention. Like tobacco, they produce the same sensation as well as the same tastes. The e-cigarette is less risky than the conventional cigarette. Odorless, tar-free and flavored, these are some of its properties that have attracted smokers. In addition, the e-cigarette reduces withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, insomnia, weight gain and much more. ‘other.

However, the risk of vaping generates debates, especially related to the carcinogens contained therein. A study recently revealed the harmful effects of the e-cigarette on health. Indeed, several studies have alarmed consumers against the dangers of electronic smoking, while more and more people are tempted.

The risks of passive vaping:

By heating, the e-cigarette produces an artificial smoke. This smoke is an aerosol, a mixture of droplets of several chemicals. It comes in several flavors, with or without nicotine so that the consumer has to choose. What people do not know is that the gas contained in electronic cigarettes contains acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, or called formalin, which can lead to cancer of the nasal cavity. Some of these famous devices produce acrolein, a substance used as a combat gas during the First World War.

In addition, research has created controversy when traces of toxic metals have been found in branded products. According to an article published by the WHO, it is forbidden to sell the e-cigarette to minors as well as to pregnant and lactating women. According to reports, the e-cigarette is a potential danger to the fetus. The chemicals in it flow into breast milk and can affect the child. Finally, it has been shown that packaging is not generally reliable because false information indicating the compositions are listed.

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