Dr. Jonathan Lauter – Autism Spectrum Disorder and Challenges Faced by Children and Loved Ones

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Challenges Faced by Children

Unfortunately, Autism is misinterpreted largely still now. The reason for this is lack of awareness. Children who have autism along with their families face the biggest challenge of being misunderstood by the people they often interact with. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a type of developmental disorder. Those who have autism face challenges with social skills, non-verbal communication, speaking, and repetitive behavior.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter- autism spectrum disorder and its symptoms

Dr. Jonathan Lauter is an esteemed psychiatrist in the USA. He is a fellow of The American Psychiatrist Association and has years of valuable experience in various administrative and teaching roles in the nation. He currently is serving as a clinician at The Refuah Health Spring in New York. He says education and awareness have to spread among the community, so people understand autism. He says in New York, and people in the society misunderstand other places of the world children with the ASD. He adds they perceive social communication in a different way that increases as the patient grows with age.

How to children with ASD communicate their feelings?

Children with ASD communicate their emotions and feelings in a unique way different from others. There are instances when in the midst of communicating their emotions and feelings they become unresponsive or aggressive. When people around children who have ASD do not understand what they wish to say, the social communication becomes one-way. This frustrates the patient and meltdowns take place. People around the child are not used to witnessing such scenes, and the circumstances become challenging for them to take and manage.

The need for creating a community that understands autism

It is here the need for education and awareness steps in to help the community and its members understand autism. Many health organizations and foundations have taken the responsibility to spread awareness on autism so that the society understands ASD better. This awareness is also given to law enforcement officers so that they are able to manage situations that involve ASD patients better. Online advertising campaigns are playing a vital role to spread awareness on autism. There are websites dedicated to the subject where people can read blog posts and articles about autism and how to deal with patients that suffer from this disorder.

There is another step that the community can take, and that is creating ID tags for people that have ASD. This is the same as PWD cards. These tags will notify people about patients who have autism.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter says that education and awareness go a very long way into sharing accurate information when it comes to autism so that both the community and the family of the patient are benefitted. At the same time, the child should get social support from family, teachers, healthcare professionals and the community at large so that he or she is not misunderstood in society. Awareness in the field of autism does go a long way into helping the patient.

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