Easily create a Zen atmosphere at home

Easily create a Zen atmosphere at home

No need to remake all the decor of the living room, repaint the walls in orange, or buy exotic wood furniture to give a zen touch to your interior! Well placed, a simple mood light can make the difference and bring to your room or your living room a surplus of Zen.

As winter approaches, it is important to feel good at home, to create a comfortable and relaxing cocoon to warm up and face the cold and the night that falls so quickly. As we know, lighting plays a big role in the atmosphere of a room. And since not everyone has the chance to enjoy the glow of the flames of a fire, do not hesitate to buy a lamp whose ambient lighting will give a dimension both decorative and Zen to your house.

mood lamp

A salt lamp for a natural and zen atmosphere.

The salt lamp is perfect for warming and lighting your home naturally and softly. There are different sizes (from 1.5 to 18 kg!), To adapt to all desires. Its pretty orange color creates a cozy atmosphere, soothing for the mind and relaxing for the eyes. Traditionally, the orange color is used to promote harmony, optimism, creativity. It also helps to fight against the ambient gloom.

In addition, the  salt crystal  that makes up the lamp purifies the atmosphere by triggering a natural ionization, which improves the quality of the air in a moderate way. Indeed, the negative ions emitted “stick” on dust grains that fall quickly on the ground, sanitizing the atmosphere. This process is accelerated by the heating of the salt crystals in contact with the heat of the bulb.

Placed next to a screen (computer or television), this decorative lamp diffuses a relaxing light for the eyes. In an adult bedroom, it is conducive to harmony and sleep. In a child’s room, it serves as a night light and emits a warm reassuring light. Placed on a desk, the Himalayan salt lamp relieves tired eyes. In a therapist’s office, a waiting room or offices, it soothes people.

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