Everything About The Demi Lovato Collection By Fabletics


Half and I met for the first time on a trip to the gym of a hotel! We started talking and talked directly about our passion for fitness, dance and music. I remember being impressed by her intelligence, her self-confidence and also by her motivation, for such a young age. I love her state of mind, her honesty and how much she assumes her fragility, which is also a great proof of strength.

Demi is a spokesperson for women who need insurance for their bodies and minds, especially for the younger ones, and this is a value that Fabletics also supports. It also inspires many girls to be confident about their challenges and to fight against them. Everyone, at one time, needs support, and Demi invites girls to become stronger but also to become comfortable with themselves.

Sharing and mutual support have always been the fundamentals of Fabletics, and every moment we try to perpetuate these great values ​​of the brand. I saw the collaboration with Demi as another very exciting way to create and support charitable actions that have a purpose that is dear to us because it matches the ideas that Demi defends. Our Demi Lovato collection for Fabletics will support the United Nations’ Girl Up movement, an important cause already shared by Fabletics. Girl Up encourages women to defend, support and empower themselves, all over the world, helping women living in the places where it’s hardest to be a woman, changing minds and collecting funds to improve their lifestyle. With this collaboration, Fabletics will push its relationship with Girl Up even higher. By integrating the influence and will of Demi, Fabletics will continue its efforts to raise funds and raise awareness, in the hope of helping as many marginalized girls as possible, by ensuring that they receive a good education, healthy eating, care, and the opportunity to be heard in their communities.

The first collection with Demi includes superb pieces inspired by his missions and his music. And I know his fans and Fabletics members will love it! Stay connected and be sure to be there at the launch next week.

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