How to have sex the first time: An essential primer

first time sex tip

Your relationship is headed towards the point where you are about to have sex for the first time. We put you at ease with a handy guide.

You have been dating each other for a few days, and things are going great. You’ve even kissed and gone a little further, but you’ve not yet had sex. But the time for sex seems to be approaching fast, and you are excited and nervous all at the same time.

First time sex with a new partner can be a daunting experience, but if both are sexually experienced, then it can be a fun thing that takes your relationship to the next level. Here are our first time sex tips with your new partner:

1 Talk about it.Things could happen in the heat of the moment, or you could talk it out first and then process. The best first time sex tip we can give you is that you should not catch your partner unawares. If you are open to discussing what you are about to do, ask them how they like to have sex, if they are into any specific positions, etc. You should also share your preferences so that they know what to expect.

2 Buy condoms and lubes.The two of you may know each other from talking and hanging out, but you don’t yet know each other’s bodies. It takes time to understand how the other person’s body looks and feels, and what turns them on. Get a box of condoms and lube before you begin. She might not be lubricated enough if the foreplay is not what she is used to, and you might also be a little nervous. This is our first time sex tip: there is no negotiation on wearing a condom even if both of you are not fond of it. Try a thin condom to get a close feel during sex, and smear lube on the outside so that penetration will not be painful for her.

3 Look for a safe place. Now that you are about to have sex, it is important to find a location where you will be undisturbed. You are looking for a meaningful first encounter, not a quickie. Put clean sheets on the bed, get fresh flowers for the room, light candles, and take a shower before you begin. She might even be interested in showering with you before you have sex.

4 Go slow. A first time sex tip before an encounter with a new partner is this: take it slow, and don’t make it all about the climax. You are about to see each other completely naked and touch and taste each other as well. These initial impressions are more meaningful than achieving orgasm. It is fine if your first time with each other does not result in a climax. The important thing is to get comfortable with each other’s bodies. If there is awkwardness or fear, it is better to go further another time. Be sweet and respectful and matters can proceed smoothly.

5 Have fun with it.Both of you have had sex before, so there should be little surprises in terms of understanding what one likes and wants. Sex is a divine, meaningful encounter between two consenting adults, but it can get messy and awkward with a new partner. Take the time to ask questions, stop at times and even laugh if either of you makes a mistake or a strange sound. Sex is about having fun together.

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