How to Pass a Hair Test Using the Old Style Aloe Rid and Similar Products?

Drug Test

Having a drug test can be a big surprise because it can cost you a lot if you have only one job. There are many people that like to smoke marijuana and the problem happens when they get notified there is a testing in a few days. It would be great if they are testing your urine because it can be passed easier. When it comes to hair, THC stays longer which means you need to do something about it.

It is awesome that we have not a lot of products that will work when you have a problem like this. Many years ago it was much difficult but also tests weren’t that reliable. Because everyone could find a product online it’s would be best for you if you do your research first. Many of them can be scams or outdated. Be careful about what you are buying online. There are many review sites that can help you out with it.

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When is the Drug Test?

The testing laws depend on the country and state. Before hiring, most companies are sending their applicants to be tested. That is the worst time to use drugs because they are most serious about it then, it would be harder to pass it. If you are looking for a job at private firms you should know they have more freedom when it comes to it.

It also depends on what kind of job you are looking for. Employees that work on an important job that can be dangerous are tested more. There could be multiple tests on various drugs just to be sure. Not many people know that when an accident happens in the workplace you will be tested. This can be much more serious than just getting fired. So, make sure you understand the rules of the company. Local laws are important so you can know how to defend yourself in these situations.

How is Hair Processed?

When you know how hair is processed you would have better insight about what needs to be done. If you want to use products to pass the test then use them correctly. In some situations, they will cut a tiny sample or just take one from the root. The cut will be done in the back of your head so it won’t be noticed. The essential thing to know is that the hair sample can find traces of THC for up to 90 days.

They can detect even longer if they use a longer sample but a standard is 3.8 cm which can identify traces in the last 90 days. For example, if they test six inches of hair, it would show what you used a year ago. There isn’t a company that will check that long period. The type of drug may affect your hair differently, for example, cocaine won’t bind tightly to the shaft of hair which can’t be said for opiates. Read more here.

What if you don’t have hair, what if you are bald? That won’t be a problem for them because any hair on your body can be tested. Remember that most hair tests go with a urine test which is the most popular way to be tested. Get notified about the type of the test so you can be sure what to do.

Commercial Solutions

You can find many home remedies that can work but most of them don’t have any effect. That is why people turn to commercial solutions. Surfing online could provide you with a lot of information about the products and treatments that promise 100% pass. When you find the product that looks appealing you need to dig deeper and see what other people think about it and what they experienced.

There are forums that share this experience and you should visit them because many websites that are selling the product will always speak positively about it. Some of them can be tested but there isn’t enough time because testing is usually in the next 2 weeks from the time they spoke about it. You can rely on the combination with home remedies but you need to have a reliable one in order to work.

Other Solutions

The third solution besides products and treatments are home remedies that aren’t so popular because many of them don’t work. It would be best if you had a friend that has a recipe that worked for him. It doesn’t mean that it will work for you 100% but the chance is far more reliable then. There are some methods that many people tried and it worked for them so you can test them also.

We know that vinegar is really strong and it can be disgusting to put on your head but it is worth it. You should work it through your hair for the next ten minutes and then leave to rest for 15 to 20 minutes. The next step is to use salicylic acid and leave the mix for 30 minutes on your head. This acid is used for acne treatment and it should have 2% concentration. In the end, you should scrub it with one scoop of detergent with a small amount of water. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

A Second Chance

No matter what the results say there is a possibility that you will get a second chance. Because some seeds can have chemicals that will be shown on the test, you can claim that they are the reason instead of the drug. For example, muffins that have poppy seeds will be shown on it because opiates come from the poppy plant.

Also, medication is one of the reasons you should have a second test. Some medication is in the amphetamine family. Even nicotine treatment products can be the reason. Passive smoking shouldn’t work because they won’t believe it but you can also try that. More tests are being done in the past years which show that companies are becoming strict about it.

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