In the summer, one treats even more his feet!

In the summer, one treats even more his feet!

No offense, feet, it’s sexy! Especially when they have clean nails and no crevices in their heels. A good pedicure is within everyone’s reach, it is enough to simply adopt a routine of care.

The summer routine to have pretty feet

The feet are out with the beautiful days. Put in the spotlight with pretty barefoot, it would be a shame to ruin everything because of a bad routine or worse: no care! Follow our advice to have pretty feet this summer!

The scrubs

No need to seek to remove the horn of the foot. It acts as natural and necessary protection. Of course, we are talking about a little layer of slightly harder skin, but certainly not the thick, thick heel filled with calluses!

Once or twice a week, make a scrub using coarse grains . Always practice massages on wet skin to avoid damaging it. Insist on hard areas and massage for a long time going up to the toes. Once the scrub is complete, wrap your feet in a warm towel to dilate the pores. A very good device for the pedicure is the Promed Sensitive lime .

perfect pedicure
A perfect pedicure and neat

Hydrate your feet

The skin of the feet is thin and fragile on the top, while the skin below is harder because abused by friction, hot shots etc. At the heel, it dehydrates and thickens to form a crust. Feel free to use creams to moisturize the heels and so, give back to the skin, softness and elasticity.

The foot massages are also excellent to allow the cream to penetrate more quickly and to regain flexibility.

Limit perspiration

You are the type to sweat strongly feet? Once or twice a week, use drying creams. Also get in the habit of soaking your feet in a basin of warm salt water every night. This will aim to relieve the warm ups felt throughout the day.

Take care of your nails

Be careful, cutting the toenails is sometimes a great art, especially if you are subject to the famous ingrown toenails. We cut only the white part that goes beyond, without forgetting to get the small pieces remaining on both sides of the flesh. Do not hesitate to offer them a total pedicure, some very complete kits are now on sale to allow you to have nails totally net. See all kits .

Varnish: the finishing touch

Once the small feet are now clean, soft and clean, all you need is the finishing touch: the nail polish. Summer gives way to a palette of very wide colors, from black to bright colors or even fluo! Finally, varnish side, rely on your tastes and the trend of the moment!

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