Nail manicure: how to have beautiful hands?

Nail manicure: how to have beautiful hands?

Do you dream of having beautiful strong, healthy, long nails? And you’re right, because having pretty hands starts with beautiful nails . Here are some simple tips to get your hands on top and make a nice nail manicure!

manicure kit for beautiful nails

Beautiful nails are a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

Your nails are brittle, they split or they are soft  ? Avoid humidity at all costs: wear gloves to wash dishes, do not bathe and, above all, do not wear them in your mouth! To strengthen them, you can dip them occasionally in olive oil. And flee solvents that contain acetone.

Fed up with yellow nails? Dip them regularly in a lemon juice, they will become white as snow! In addition, always consider putting a special base (“base coat”) before putting your nail polish, even if it is transparent. And yes, the products that make up nail polish tend to yellow!

Streaks appear? File your nails with a polishing pad and apply a base of anti-streak varnish.

As for the famous white spots , it is not about any deficiency, but simply a shock received by the nail that will leave with the regrowth.

Finally, as you go to bed each night, apply a moisturizer on your hands and nails, to nourish them deeply.

To go further, you can entrust the beauty of your hands to a beauty salon or a “nail bar” and spend a moment of pure beauty and relaxation. But sometimes it’s hard to find the time (and money!) To do it regularly. In this case, you can buy a professional quality kit to make your own manicure or pedicure at home.

Most commercially available manicure-pedicure kits contain effective and easy-to-use accessories. Electric file, polisher, brush, sapphire, diamond cutter … a whole paraphernalia that will allow you to cut, draw, file, polish, maintain and polish your nails accurately.Une ponceuse pour les ongles et une lime électrique vous apporteront l’efficacité d’un soin professionnel. Ce matériel pour la manucure ongulaire  contient tous les accessoires nécessaires pour un soin des mains et des pieds complet. Son stylet à 6 vitesses et 9 embouts différents vous permet facilement de tailler, limer et polir les ongles pour les rendre plus brillants et moins cassants. Sa brosse nettoyante spéciale et son crayon de soins pour les ongles vous assurent des mains impeccables. Sa fraise diamantée vous débarrassera des peaux mortes et de la corne présente sous les talons, pour des pieds lisses et doux ! Le plus de ce kitmanucure resides in its backlight function, a light that gives you optimal visibility for precise and effective care. This product is made in Germany

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