The need to conserve food

The need to conserve food

Food is the source of energy and vitamin of humans. He needs to feed himself to stay in shape.

Why do we keep food?

The need to conserve food

Food preservation is done in order to prevent the degradation of food. It helps for their preservation longer. Food must be preserved so that it does not lose its qualitative and quantitative nutritional intake. They are necessary for the good functioning of the human body. They bring vitamins, fiber and minerals to your body.

In order to be in shape, it is necessary to mix the nutritional contributions. It is recommended to make sure to eat balance to be in shape.

Your body does not produce the nutritional intake it needs. It’s the food that gives you them.

Vitamins are fragile. They disappear easily under the effect of cold, heat and light. This is why food preservation techniques have been put in place to ensure that foods provide the same nutrients even after a certain time.

 Food preservation methods

Various techniques have been identified to allow foods to retain their characteristics. The means of food preservation differ according to the people who use it. For food production companies, they use the following methods to preserve the property of food:

  • pasteurization: it subjects foods to high temperatures to maintain the vitamins present in them. It is used for the production of bottled fruit juice that they will close thanks to the bottle cap to prevent the properties of the liquid from evaporating
  • fermentation to deprive the food of oxygen. It is ideal for yoghurt or soft drinks. For soft drinks, it is advisable to add bottle seals to sterilize them.
  • pasalisation: it destroys microorganisms in food

For individuals, it is advisable to use the fridge or freezer to prevent the multiplication of microbes. On the other hand, traditional conservation methods also exist. However, they require food preparation times such as:

  • salting, which consists of putting salt on the food
  • Smoking whose purpose is to put food close to heat
  • drying that requires food to be left in the open air.

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