Top Natural Baby Skincare Tips

Top Natural Baby Skincare Tips

Holding a newborn baby in your arms is the most overwhelming feeling in one’s life. A baby is delicate, fragile and just long enough to fit in your arms. We take extra care while handling them. We try to make sure we don’t hurt them in any way possible. And try to comfy them as much as possible. And when it comes to babies, their skin is very delicate and thin. So proper care should be taken regarding their skin. Fragrances, chemicals, dying in clothing, detergents and other baby products can cause the newborn chaffing, skin irritation, rashes and dryness.

Firstly, their skin is delicate and fragile. The layer of baby’s skin is thin as a tissue paper. It has a protective covering called as vernix which wears off in the first week. Hence don’t rub it. So it is essential that we handle them with utmost care. While bathing, you should avoid rough rubbing and clean them with gentle hands. Also, the water used for bathing them has to be lukewarm. Too hot or too cold water can be harmful to their skin. The skin needs time to get adjusted to the environment around it. It faces a lot of challenges, like diaper rashes, chemical soaps and shampoos. The baby’s skin is so sensitive that it may suffer skin allergies in the first few months. To avoid these problems make sure to take care of them gently and naturally.

Many parents are addicted to bathing their babies every day. While bathing use a gentle soap with no chemical involved. There is some non – chemical soap available on the market, especially for babies. Don’t try a new product on your baby’s skin and avoid any antibacterial soaps as they might be harsh for the sensitive skin. Wipe the baby using natural cotton or a smooth towel to prevent scratches.

Next most important thing is powdering. You should choose powder products very carefully. Avoid using products containing grains. While powdering, try to avoid the face as the talc or the corn-starch in the powder can cause breathing problems. It is advisable to use herbal powders, especially for diaper area. Talking about diapers, it is necessary to change the diapers from time to time. It is said that you need to change it as soon as you feel the baby has used it. Specific diapers may irritate the baby’s skin and give rise to rashes. If you think the diaper is irritating the skin, choose another diaper brand. Most probably change the diaper as soon as your baby wets it. Before replacing the diaper wipe the baby and powder it to keep the diaper area clean and dry. Wash the baby’s clothes separately and use detergents recommended for washing baby’s clothes. Make sure their clothes are soft material preferably cotton. Wash your babies bedding and blankets separate from your family’s laundry.

Bathing once a week is best for newborns. The babies have delicate skin and tend to have skin problems like eczema. Moisturisers used for babies should also be selected carefully. Avoid using scented baby soaps, moisturisers and other products as it may also be a reason for the baby’s irritation. Limit your use of baby scented skin products. If her skin is dry, use only ointment or lotion on dry skin areas.

Giving a new baby massage is also important. It is a way of conveying your love to them. Massaging babies don’t require many efforts. Massaging a baby means letting it touch by others. And researchers say it enhances immunity, trigger hormones and helps fight diseases. There is no specific pattern to massage a baby. Just find a warm room with carpeted floor and lay your baby on a soft blanket. Get some oil and rub their tummy and chest. While massaging try to have eye contact and talk to your little one. It makes them a less irritating, and that would let your massage session go smoothly without a fuss. While going outdoors, avoid direct contact with the sun. As we know, baby’s skin is very sensitive. Hence it can easily burn from sun’s exposure, causing real and even permanent damage. Sunscreens are not recommended for babies under six months so use different means of protection such as a hat or umbrella.

Get brand new skin products for your baby’s by clicking on this URL at discounted price. Many of the rashes are commonly found associated with newborns and hence doesn’t require much treatment. But if there are rashes associated with a fever then it is necessary to consult a paediatrician. Lastly, birthmarks are no harm to the babies, and 5%-10% babies have birthmarks, and so it needs no treatment.

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