What essential oils to stay in shape?

What essential oils to stay in shape?

Seasonal changes, a drop in diet, sometimes some essential oils can be real remedies against temporary tiredness.

What essential oils to stay in shape?

Causes of loss of tone

Although you have a totally healthy lifestyle, you may have a drop in your diet. This happens mainly during the inter-seasons (spring and fall) and often result in small chronic diseases. Fatigue can also be a factor of loss of tone. There are natural and effective remedies to overcome a temporary tiredness, like some essential oils. Indeed, their energizing virtues give you an almost immediate boost. To test them is to adopt them!

No one is safe from a moment of fatigue

Useful essential oils

Among the many varieties of essential oils, there are some really effective to fight against fatigue. This is the case of the essential oil of: 
– peppermint: stimulating heart and nervous 
– grapefruit: stimulating the nervous and immune system, fight against fatigue and anxiety. 
– cinnamon bark: general stimulant 
– lavender: stimulant against depression and fatigue 
– lemon: daily stimulant combining with grapefruit or lavender for optimal effect 
– Ravintsara : invigorates the body and strengthens the immune system in winter 
– Eucalyptus radiata : fight against respiratory problems
– Scots pine: gives a boost to morale while clearing the bronchi 
– Rosemary: tonic for the brain and memory, useful during exams or stress.

How to use them?

Spreading these oils through a diffuser of essential oils seems to be the best method to take full advantage of their virtues. Indeed, at first, it cleans the rooms of the house and decontaminate. Finally, the fresh and sometimes pungent smell of some oils, gives a real boost. For essential oils promoting respiration (pine, eucalyptus …) aromatherapy remains the best method.

Nevertheless, some essential oils such as those with grapefruit seed can be consumed in the morning at lunch for an effect on the body really more intense.

Finally, some apply by massage (essential oil of eucalyptus for example), in order to optimize the desired effects. Be careful however, never use them pure. For an optimal and safe massage, add a few drops to vegetable oil (coconut or jojoba). This will avoid possible irritation.

For a remedy against the effective and natural fatigue , always think of essential oils. Be careful however, essential oils are contraindicated for pregnant women and children under six years. If in doubt, ask your pharmacist or doctor for advice.

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