What is Whey Protein Isolate and its benefits for building lean muscle?

whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is a pure form of whey protein, which has a higher impact on muscle gain and building.

The country has woken up to the benefits of taking protein supplements to aid muscle building and recovery. Those who train extensively for bodybuilding competitions, or athletes and other sportspersons mandatorily consume whey protein for recovery and restoration. However, whey protein powders are being taken even by those who wish to gain weight, build muscle mass and strengthen the bones.

However, there are different types of whey powders you can take. The most popular ones are whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. They are taken mixed with plain water, milk or fresh fruit juice (unsweetened). This article takes a look at why whey protein isolate is recommended for those looking to build lean muscle.

Whey protein, and its applications in muscle building

Whey is found in milk; it is part of the liquid component of milk. Whey can be found when you process milk for making yoghurt, paneer or cheese. The whey is one of the richest sources of proteins that the body needs every day. Whey proteins are quickly assimilated by the body and they are instrumental in building and toning muscle.

Whey contains 9 essential amino acids required by the body for protein synthesis. It helps also in muscle mass gain and definition.

Meanwhile, whey protein isolateā€¦

Now that you are aware of what whey protein is, let us turn our attention to whey protein isolate. It is the best ingredient for muscle building.

* Whey protein isolate is obtained when whey protein is processed to get a higher protein content. After the liquid component of milk is processed to form whey concentrate powder, the powder has about 80% pure whey protein, and the remaining comprises fats, sugar and carbs. At this stage, it is known as whey protein concentrate.

* When whey protein concentrate is processed further to reduce the carb and fat percentage in it, you are left with close or just above 90% of pure protein. This is known as whey protein isolate.

* Whey protein isolate has the highest concentration of protein with extremely low amounts of fat, sugar and carbs. Thus, it has a higher effect on muscle repair, building and definition than plain whey protein.

* It contains the same complex of amino acids that whey contains, only in more concentrated form. You can safely consume whey protein isolate in powder supplement form to aid your bodybuilding efforts.

* Do inquire about the whey protein isolate price across reputed protein powder brands in India. These brands may even have attractive ongoing offers which give you a fair discount on the whey protein isolate price.

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