Why is it better to eat organic?

Why is it better to eat organic?

Too expensive, too complicated to buy, not enough variety … we easily find excuses not to consume organic . And yet, when you know that hundreds of chemical residues can be present in a “classic” plate, it makes you want to think about and change the way it is consumed. For our good and that of the planet

Why is it better to eat organic?

Stop pesticides

Phthalates, nitrates, bisphenol A, mercury, heavy metals, dioxins, etc. you can swallow dozens of dangerous substances a day without eating too much fat, too much sugar or too much salt. Because the processed fruits and vegetables that we eat, even after having thoroughly washed them, contain all kinds of chemical molecules harmful to the body. In this case, eating balanced (“5 fruits and vegetables a day”) does not guarantee healthy eating. The danger of pesticides for our health is well established, we know today that they are hormone disruptors, endocrine and they are the cause of many disorders or diseases, some are even carcinogenic. Or organic fruits and vegetables contain less or no pesticides, which is more appetizing, right?

Better nutritional qualities

It is a fact, without chemical treatment, organic foods are much richer in vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and antioxidants. This would come from the fact that, unprotected by pesticides, foods derived from organic farming  ( AB brand ) would deploy protective and defense mechanisms, which would stimulate their production of antioxidants. This is even more interesting when you know that because of intensive farming, fruits and vegetables have lost about 30% of their nutritional qualities in 50 years! So the apples our grandparents ate had a lot more vitamins than ours …

A reasoned cost

Admittedly, in the supermarket bio department, prices seem to be rising. But the quality has a price and you have to see this extra expense as an investment on your good health, because eating organic will certainly save you health costs, more or less long term. We must be aware that the more we will buy organic, the more prices will fall. In specialized stores and Biocoop , prefer the purchase of cereals or dry fruits in bulk, much cheaper because without packaging. It is also an ecological approach because you reduce your waste.

Organic eating is healthy eating

A positive step for the planet

Reduction of packaging, biodegradable packaging, fair trade, reduction of our ecological footprint related to the transport of food … Eating organic is also participating, at our level, in sustainable development and the protection of the planet.

To go even further, you can grow your own organic fruits and vegetables. By buying organic seeds and growing your own food, you will be sure to eat as healthy as possible.

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